07 August 2013

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - It's Been A Long Time Coming

"Gottes Mühlen mahlen langsam,
mahlen aber trefflich klein
Ob aus Langmut er sich säumet,
bringt mit Schärf' er alles ein."

Friedrich von Logau

As I noted earlier today there was a drawdown, most likely a redemption, of gold bullion in the past week or so of about 10 million dollars worth of gold bullion from the Sprott Physical Gold Trust.

I am informed that Sprott utilizes the highly prized 400 oz. bars that are the standard in Asia, versus the 100 oz. bars common used on the COMEX. Apparently someone wanted the actual bullion badly enough to go through the delivery process.

Let's see how the bullion inventories go during this August delivery month.

As you may recall I have had a stawman theory in the back of my mind that some major player with a good insight into the global supply could manage to create a corner in the gold bullion market without necessarily executing it on the COMEX, which is hard to do because they would be quick to declare force majeure.

But with the tightness of supply and the protracted negative lease rates for gold there appears to be some sort of squeeze going on with drawdown in inventory at COMEX and allegedly at the LBMA.

I would hate to be holding that bag, for the return of leased gold or other contractual obligations for example.

The wind of change is blowing a hurricane.

Weighed, and found wanting.

Stand and deliver