02 August 2013

NAV Premiums of Certain Precious Metals Trusts and Funds - Banks Rigging Derivatives

It appears that the overnight hit on the metals for Payrolls Friday got stuffed pretty handily when the jobs number came in light.

Silver is still up although gold has been pressed back a bit.

The CFTC is investigating fifteen of the biggest banks on evidence handed to them that they were rigging a key derivative for interest rates.
"ISDAfix is published each morning after banks submit bids for swaps via Icap, the inter-dealer broker, in a number of currencies. The CFTC has been investigating suggestions that the banks deliberately moved the rate in order to profit on these deals.

Given the hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of interest rate derivatives trades that occur annually, even the slightest manipulation can have a substantial effect.

The CFTC, which started to investigate ISDAfix after last summer’s Libor scandal has now been handed emails and phone call recordings that show the rate was deliberately moved..."
When crime pays, why wonder that it flourishes? And they have little fear, and no shame.