09 September 2013

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Gold and Silver Are No Longer Safe Havens So Buy Stocks In Blue Skies

The metals are no safe haven so buy stocks.

That was the subliminal message in today's trade, with the capping on the metals in the works while stocks were bid up on light volumes.

Buy equities now, because it is blue skies ahead.

The slow drain in gold inventories on the COMEX will continue until confidence in the financial system improves, or the paper gold supply hits the wall of reality and crumples.

Intraday commentary about the ongoing currency war and monetary theory here.

You may wish to read this to get the 'lay of the land.'  Not too many people really have a sense of it, and it could prove to be valuable to finding your way through the fog of war.  And while these things unfold slowly and history proves that our times are probably no worse than some times in the past 100 years, that does not mean that there are not unusually challenging times, over the near horizon.

Have a pleasant evening.