05 September 2013

Monthly Imports of Gold From Hong Kong To China Soar On Strong Demand

"Gold shipments to China from Hong Kong increased in July as importers took advantage of local prices that were an average 2.1 percent higher than global markets and as mainland investors bought jewelry and coins.

Net imports, after deducting flows from China into Hong Kong, were 113 metric tons, from 101 tons a month earlier, according to calculations by Bloomberg. Mainland buyers purchased 129 tons in July, including scrap, compared with 113 tons in June, data from the Hong Kong government showed today."

Bloomberg, Gold Imports to China From Hong Kong Climb on Physical Demand

Physical gold is flowing from west to east, and much of it is now passing through Hong Kong to China.  It is going into many strong hands, and may not readily return except at much higher prices.

Price manipulation over long periods of time can create structural supply deficiencies and chronic shortages.  This seems to be the case in both gold and silver.

Weighed, and found wanting.

Stand and deliver.