11 September 2013

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Madness Rampant On a Field of Blind Arrogance

There was an interesting divergence between the financials and tech today. VIX continued its sharp decline.

This eerily reflects the cognitive dissonance between the frivilous and self-centered land of make believe, and the land of real people and things.

It is a nice emblem for NY-Washington-London metroplex and the rest of the world. It almost reminds one of the relationship between the Capitol and the Districts in The Hunger Games.

It goes without saying that this will end badly, and the collected leadership of the intelligentsia will express complete astonishment and surprise.

There is nothing more fearful to behold than the destructive potential of a bureaucrat or central banker blinded by web of their own willful making.

The fearful madness of bureaucrats and central bankers blinded by a web of their own willful making.