24 September 2013

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Tales of the Randy Rich

Stocks marked time today with some technical intramurals that shoved the price around a bit, trying to skin a few specs.

The markets are not quite sure to do ahead of the US budget showdown. We might see some volatility associated with this unless the adults can rein in the feral congressmen.

I see where a professorial devotee of Ayn Rand suggest that the 99% 'owe a debt of gratitude' to the wealthiest few.

If reforms are not enacted and a progressive movement does not save capitalism from itself once again it is hard to tell where things will go. 

On Bloomberg TV today the complaints of the Brazilian president about US spying on her country and official activities was dismissed as a meaningless 'tantrum.'   The US has the duty of hegemony to act in ways that may be outside the norm and all that, as a consequence of its exceptionalism.

They'll never learn.