08 October 2013

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Cap, Cap, Cap...

There was some movement in to the COMEX warehouses yesterday, and quite a bit of recategorization of registered gold back to customer storage. I will discuss this later this evening.

The capping of gold and silver is fairly obvious here. They are quite afraid that it might break and run, and that they will lose control of it in what could be an unfolding currency crisis precipitated by Washington's dysfunctional politics.

So let's see what happens as the great credit debate continues to unfold.

Here is an essay by Janet Tavakoli titled Sovereign Debt, Banks, and Gold Part Three which you may find to be of interest.

As a reminder, the Google 'widget' that contains the links to articles is broken and presumably will be fixed in a day or two as I have reported it.

Have a pleasant evening.