29 October 2013

Lars Schall's Matterhorn Interview with John Butler On Gold

This is Part 2 of his interview. Part I can be seen here.

This is speculative of course, but I found it to be very interesting. Lars does a good job of drawing out the thoughts of his interviewee, and stepping out of the way and allowing them to expand on their thoughts.  

I had not been familiar with John Butler and while I may not agree with the likelihoods of some of the outcomes I respect his thinking very much.  He puts a bit more flesh on the theory of a hyperinflationary crisis.

I do not agree with his analysis of the euro breakdown.  I think it was inherently unsustainable for the reasons I have outlined in the past.  A currency that spans a broad area of varying economic needs must include a political union with 'transfer payments' to allow for the loss of monetary policy.

I do agree that the euro must evolve.