09 October 2013

Matières à Réflexion For Tuesday 9 October

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"He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man."

Samuel Johnson

“Truly, this earth is a trophy cup for the industrious man. And this rightly so, in the service of natural selection. He who does not possess the force to secure his Lebensraum in this world, and, if necessary, to enlarge it, does not deserve to possess the necessities of life. He must step aside and allow stronger peoples to pass him by.”

Adolf Hitler

For Wednesday, 9 October

Fiscal Talks Set; Republican Approval Rating Falls To Lowest In History

Twitter's Shady Accounting (Anything else would have made them the oddball in the crowd.)

The Default Deniers (In fairness there is a lot of goofiness being tossed around by people with no sense of what 'full faith and credit' means, especially to those not under their control.)

Single Payer Prescription For What Ails Obamacare - Amy Goodman (I think Obama et al understand this. I think the chances of getting it into law and accepted was about zero. Notice the grief the country is getting for a compromise that was previously generated by a conservative think tank Heritage House.)

Chicago Trader Mosley Enters Plea Deal For Ten Years In Prison

Grayson Says Fed Should Simply Monetize US Debt By Cancelling It (Gee, now why didn't anyone else ever think of such a clever solution, John Law edition)

Imports from US and Switzerland to Hong Kong 300 tonnes In August

India Gold Refineries Shutting Bulk Operations Due to Lack of Supply

Hank Greenberg: Notes from the Fully Entitled Pigosphere

Who Might Benefit From a US Credit Default? - Tavakoli

Stevie Cohen Weighs Plea Deal in Insider Trading Case

Goldman Buys Gold After Panicking Speculators - TFerguson

Ecuador May Take Assange Case to World Court

Experiment Puts Auditing Model Under Scrutiny - MIT (What a surprise. And how about those Ratings Agencies.)

Why the War On Poor People? (Why do self-entitled sociopaths and narcissists pick on the weak?)

Hedge Funds Dumping Mispriced Credit Risks and Dodgy Debt on Small Investors

Republican Crazy Talk About the Debt Ceiling - Reich (I include this not because I think it likely or even agree, but it does point out that this *could* end in a Constitutional crisis that few anticipate. But few anticipated WW I or the mass murder of 'unworthy lives' even as it unfolded. Part of the problem is that in times of stress, people retreat into the self-defining worlds of Fox News and MSNBC in order to stop the pain of thinking.)

Cameron Backs MI5 Chief That Snowden Aids Terrorists (Be afraid, be very afraid)

Greenwald: Canada's Spying 'Aggressive and Insidious'