16 October 2013

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Fabulous Fab and the Mavens of Despair

This is funny on so many levels, and so rich a field for pithy remarks, that I don't quite have the energy left today to fully do it justice.
"Mr. Tourre no longer works at Goldman, and is enrolled in the economics doctoral program at the University of Chicago."

Dealbook, Fabrice Tourre Seeks a New Trial
It does offer some prospective ad slogans for University of Chicago's Economics program.
'When your white collar criminality lacks that competitive edge.'
If he was a politician he would just wait a few months and join a Beltway lobbying firm where results are all that matter.  As a financier you have to go upscale when things don't go your way. Why trade when you can make public policy statements and economic forecasts?

Mark Cuban was found not guilty by a jury this afternoon, and can skip grad school and go back to Shark Tank.

Stocks had the expected rally ahead of expectations of a last minute deal ahead of the debt ceiling. We will have to wait for the final details which *should* be released tonight or early tomorrow, but from what has been said so far it looks like a can kick down the road, but mostly past the holidays.

Have a pleasant evening.