01 November 2013

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - All Saints

"Man has places in his heart which do not yet have life, and into them enters suffering, in order that they may be born...There is only one great sadness in life, at the very last, not to be a saint."

Léon Bloy, The Woman Who Was Poor

There was a fairly blatant hit on the metals for the first day of November.

There was a significant adjustment of gold bullion out of the deliverable category and into eligible storage, in the JPM warehouse of course. I shall post something about that late tonight.

Otherwise it was the same old, same old.  I used this latest smack down to backfill positions I had released on that last stab higher in price.   Now we will have to wait and see.

Can Joan's dad let me know how she is doing?  I remember her daily.

Have a pleasant weekend.