22 November 2013

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Comex Option Expiration on Monday

"I have enormous belief in the power of a simple, honorable soul."

James Joyce in a letter to Nora

There was very minor shuffling of bullion around the warehouses yesterday. November is a dull month for deliveries.

As a reminder this coming Monday the 25th will be an option expiration for precious metals on the Comex.

November has been a paper games snoratorium. December could be much more interesting.

Thank you to the many people who responded with good wishes and prayers for Joanie. Some of their own stories were very moving. It was surprising how many were from Europe and Canada. I would estimate I had about 120 very positive responses and only one not so positive. And I am very sure many took action, but did not write about it. That is how most people do their duties and obligations as they see them, quietly and unassumedly.

I enjoyed the notes, every one. Certain ones stick in your mind. There was a fellow who said he had not prayed since he was a young boy, but that he would try to do it for Joanie. What was that song in the video? One way or another, I'm going to find you, I'm going to get you, one way or another, I'm going to win you...

And there was a lovely couple who take care of their autistic granddaughter who had some very insightful comments to make about love and family. And another fellow just today who had a beautiful story to tell about his own special boy, 'Jogi.'

I thank you for all you do for the least of these. These things matter. And they give us hope.

There are so many wonderful stories of the gentle, honorable people of this world.  But they are often overlooked in these times of selfishness and arrogant greed.  Like the seeds of Spring they endure, and will bloom again to bring back life to a world that has been ravaged by the cold winter winds of our hardened hearts.

Have a pleasant weekend.