13 December 2013

JP Morgan Stood 'At the Very Center of Madoff's Fraud for Over 20 Years'

I am posting this to make sure we all know that JP Morgan is no passive bank, that occasionally becomes involved with financial criminals like Madoff or the MF Global crowd.

The criminal charges are likely to be a 'deferred prosecution' which means that while JPM may admit to wrongdoing, unusual in the vast majority of settlements for financial crimes, there will in fact be no prosecution or revelations in court.

This is why the 'stimulus' of the Keynesians will not work. They have skipped the critical step in the FDR framework of reforming the financial system, or at least making a serious intent to do so. As it is, Dodd-Frank turned out to be the terms of surrender of the republic which Wall Street dictated to its servants in the government.

The tragedy of our day may have been the financialisation of the Democratic party and the evisceration of the progressive movement, which helped to remove the last remaining significant political serving the people as a counterbalance to those elements of society which have become the servile mouthpiece for Big Business and Big Money, no matter what ideological disguises or social niceties which they may wish to put upon their intentions.

As for any necessary complicity in the abuses of the world, we have the power of our refusal: our refusal to participate in the madness, to be seduced by it, to become a part of it.

Why speak out? Why attempt to do anything? Because someday we may wish, at the very least, to be able to look our grandchildren and great-grandchildren in their eyes and say, "I did what I could. I was not silent. I am sorry that I could not have done more. But I did not forget you." And for me my poor parents, both gone now these many years, will know, wherever they may be, that I did not dishonor their memory.

And we may now reread history and discover that this is the challenge of every generation and the rule of our cause, to be in the world, but not of its worst elements. Not to shun the world, but to be a comfort, and a shield, and a source of hope to our friends, our families, and so importantly, to its victims.

"Picard told the Supreme Court that JPMorgan stood “at the very center of Madoff’s fraud for over 20 years.” Picard bases this claim on his lower court filing that showed JPMorgan was well aware that Madoff was claiming to invest tens of billions of dollars in a strategy that involved buying large cap stocks in the Standard and Poor’s 500 index while simultaneously hedging with options. But the Madoff firm’s primary bank account at JPMorgan, which the bank had intimate access to review for over 20 years, was devoid of evidence of stock or options trading.

The petition to the Supreme Court reads: “As JPM [JPMorgan] was well aware, billions of dollars flowed from customers into the 703 account, without being segregated in any fashion. Billions flowed out, some to customers and others to Madoff’s friends in suspicious and repetitive round-trip transactions. But in the 22 years that JPM maintained the 703 account, there was not a single check or wire to a clearing house, securities exchange, or anyone who might be connected with the purchase of securities. All the while, JPM knew that Madoff was using the account to run an investment advisory business with thousands of customers and billions under management and knew that Madoff was using its name to lend legitimacy to his enterprise."

Pam Martens, JPM May Face Criminal Charges Over Madoff

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