08 January 2014

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts

"Life is a school of probabilities."

Walter Bagehot

Sometimes, when things don't add up, that's because they don't.  I'm sure that someone must have said that once.

There was intraday commentary about monetary theory here. It is somewhat related to the characteristics of money that pertain to gold, among other things.

Gold and silver are going to churn around a bit ahead of the Non-Farm Payrolls report.

There was a little movement in and out of the Comex warehouses yesterday, as noted below.

And sometimes, you draw an exceptionally good hand at poker.  You didn't do anything in particular to deserve it, except to keep sitting in your seat, and not lose your place at the table.

But at the very best of times, you can sit pat on that exceptionally good hand, and allow the action to roll around the table without much effort.  The other players let you watch them work, read their tells and antics, and enjoy the ride. 

And the sweetest moment is to say very little, until the time finally comes to throw down, and then all the talking is done.

Have a pleasant evening.