03 February 2014

NYSE Margin Debt - Take It to the Limit, One More Time

This gang of Merry Banksters made a 1929-like policy error, as they did in 2000 for the first crash, and then followed that up by blowing yet another asset bubble in mortgage debt, and crashed it all over again, almost taking down the world financial sysem.

And now they turn around and do it for a third time, with financial paper assets.  Will they keep going until the middle class and the real economy is beaten, like pulp into the ground, and a few jokers sitting on the top of the financial pyramid own nearly everything?

What are they thinking? Who are these guys, Mortimer and Randolph Duke?

Greenspan and Bernanke: Worst Federal Reserve Policy, ever.

Watch the margin debt story unfold here.

Let's see what happens next.

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