19 March 2014

Gold Bull Market Corrections Then and Now

The rumours of the death of the precious metals bull market might just be a bit premature.

I think we are in the midst of a generational change in the international currency system. 

The currency platform will continue to shift, and attempt to restabilize.  Change is in the wind, and has been for some time, and flexibility with the ability to learn and adjust will continue to pay a premium.

And it is hardly over and done yet.  I think we are only at the end of Act I, the realization that the dollar reserve currency system put in place unilaterally by Richard Nixon is unsustainable.  But no one knows yet exactly what comes next.

As for the chart of the big correction in the 70's, it may not repeat.  But a rhyme would be fine. 

This chart is from goldchartsrus.com.