31 March 2014

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - JPM Throws Down 229,400 Ounces of Gold To Meet Deliveries

Today was the end of quarter. The positions can be marked to market.

There was intraday commentary on a widely reported story concerning market rigging here.

On Friday JPM moved 229,400 ounces of gold from the eligible to deliverable category in their Comex warehouse, in preparation for the April delivery period which starts about now. 

It looks like that gold that was moved over to the registered category by JPM is to fill the delivery requests that the Comex received on Friday, according to this report.    I have included a screen shot of the relevant page below.

JPM filled 2,640 April futures contracts for 264,000 ounces.  So they needed to issue at least some of those additional warrants, since they only had 214,097 going in.  And most of that came out of their 'house account.'

I thought that it was interesting that a good chunk of that gold is being stopped by Nova Scotia, for their own house account.   Special thanks for the link to the famed Samoan gold analyst from Investment Research Dynamics, Salelologa Dave.

And the band played on.

Have a pleasant evening.