28 March 2014

Jim Rickards: Study Will Show That Gold Is Being Manipulated on the Comex (Again)

"If I were running the manipulation I would be embarrassed at this point, it is so blatant...The regulators have been asleep at the switch."

Jim Rickards

As an aside, and in case you wondered, I do not take Rickards at face value. I sift what he says, carefully. And that is enough said about that, except that it is good advice in general especially when it comes to money and investments.

No one listens because the US regulators don't want to see it,  Wall Street traders make money off it, the mainstream media ignores it, and the shills deride anyone who brings it up. So I do not expect anything to come out of this latest version of a study that I have seen several times before, unless it is somehow associated with more undeniable smoking gun evidence uncovered through the London Fix investigation, and a 'limited hangout' operation. But I can doubt that as well, because it requires too much self-awareness for the masters of the universe.

The real smoking gun will more likely be tied to be an unanticipated default somewhere in the system.  And then people will ask, 'how did we not see this coming?'  And the hunt for a scapegoat or patsy will be underway. God will not forgive us if we once again allow some of the old and shameful persecutions of the weak and innocent and the other to carry that burden of guilt yet again.

The public will be trimmed and skinned in yet another bailout, or should I say 'bail-in,' to replace what had been rehypothecated. Possession will be nine-tenths of the law. And the big crooks will throw the shills, stooges, and the little crooks to the mob, without a second thought.

It is different this time, because we are different. It can't happen here. The most delusional words ever spoken.