13 March 2014

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Jitterbugs

Geopolitical considerations overwhelmed those peachy US economic results this morning.

China is only projected to turn in about 7.4% growth this year, and of course Russia's actions in the Ukraine, particularly in the Crimea, has everyone all twitchy.

How dare they meddle with our meddling on their borders? We are the deciders about what is meddling around the world, in consultation with our client states.

Speaking of meddlers, the Fed will be meeting next week, and this will give us more time to contemplate the tapering of the Balance Sheet, which is the fundamental engine of our growth in paper assets and the wealth of the one percent, Fed be praised.

Let's see if the jitters pass, or if tomorrow gives us another chance to test that lower trend support.

Have a pleasant evening.