24 April 2014

A Comex Options Expiration 'With a Twist' - Where the Elite Meet to Cheat

"Tomorrow is an option expiration for the May precious metal contracts on the Comex. As May is not an active month, and the greatest contract activity is already moved to June, we may see an expiration with a twist."

When we were kids, we used to join hands in a line, and then swing hard around a pivot and play 'crack the whip' outside.  Once we got going the people on the end of the line went flying.

If you look at the distribution of calls and puts in silver in particular the 'price discovery' this morning makes some sense.  They were discovering what it would take to shake out the calls and puts for losses before they settled the price where it returned the greatest profit.

Oh no, you obviously do not understand the intricate processes of the market,  say Shill & Troll. This is not cheating. This is hedging. Look at the Dollar and the cross markets. And besides, there has always been cheating so this is nothing new. And you can't stop it, they will always find a way. This is just business. No one made you buy those options.

What we saw this morning is a classic shake-out fake-out.  These guys make carnies look sophisticated.

If it were not for manipulation and a foolhardy few, there might be no interest left for the Comex.