01 April 2014

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - April Showers Bring May Flowers

There was intraday commentary about the 'market rigging' story that was on 60 Minutes this Sunday past.  You may find it to be interesting.   60 Minutes Sanitized Its Report on High Frequency Trading.

The argument that captured the interest of the floor traders on the NYSE and distracted them from what little trading that actually still takes place there is interesting to watch as well.  I have linked to it within that commentary.

There were the usual ins and outs in the Comex gold warehouse yesterday. The deliveries might well start showing up in the report on today's activity, which will come out tomorrow. I am still curious about Nova Scotia stopping out a big chunk of the gold being supplied out of JPM, both listed as house accounts. But since they are both custodians for this and that, we will have to wait and see where the hot potato actually stops.

Silver showed more resilience than gold today, which is sometimes quite a good sign.

As a reminder Friday is a Non-Farm Payrolls report.   The VIX is back down to its lower levels. Stock markets have hit a new record high, or at least the headline market has done so.

Have a pleasant evening.