14 May 2014

Cost of Basic Health Insurance Around the World

You have to pay more for the best, right?

Well, in a crony capitalist society, maybe not so much.

The US ranked 37th in the WHO quality ratings in 2000.

Another example of the efficient market hypothesis, shot to hell.  Where big money is involved, profiteering, monopoly, influence peddling, and conflicts of priorities surely follow.

The problem is not government.  The problem is when government is weakened and twisted by powerful and well-heeled special interests, utopian ideologies, and a neo-Darwinian culture of death.

When it comes to healthcare reform as a threat to the status quo, the moneyed interests and their sycophantic followers are quick to declare force manure.  And some day, if the arc of the moral universe does bend towards justice, they may be obliged to eat those words. 

(Chart figures by Deutsche Bank, h/t Zerohedge)