02 June 2014

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Cap and Fear

There are some very significant events happening behind the scenes, even though the markets would seem to hide this with their sleepily accommodative nature to the status quo.

I thought Volcker's call for a new Bretton Woods agreement was significant, in a Chamberlain-like manner. Volcker is certainly out of power, riding the tide of events more than shaping them now. But he certainly still has insights into what is going on.

I am a little surprised at the push by the neo-cons at this point to advance the New American Century. It makes me wonder.

There is plenty of room for speculation here. I will take a pass on it for now, and wait to see some indication of what is happening, before ranging out onto the seas of possibilities, and legends.

But I do know that this too shall pass.

Have a pleasant evening.