11 June 2014

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Waiting for Godot

A lot of words, noise, and feverish activity on the surface, but nothing really happened.  The government seems to be permeating even the equity markets and gambling halls of the well-to-do with its self-inflating ennui.

Hell is watching Trish and Matt of Bloomberg TV discussing the real US economy with chief market strategists like David Kelly of JP Morgan on a dull market afternoon.

There was some relief provided by Jonathan Golub of UBS, who shows a deference to reality now and then in his messaging, carried by an engaging charm and a seemingly indefatigable good humour.  Jonah Hill, just glad to be here, to start a progress, swell a scene or two.

Today was definitely a good day to work outside around the yard, so as not to watch the character of the Empire continue to depreciate, if not for the rain. 

Have a pleasant evening.