18 July 2014

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Sleepwalking To a Wipeout

Word has it that Goldcorp is eyeing Newmont (at these price levels and reserves) with covetous eyes. Can't say I would blame them.

Markets shook off the scare of a new cold to medium warm war yesterday as conflicts took their toll on innocents in the Ukraine and in Gaza.

The beleaguered Espírito Santo International has declared bankruptcy.

The Anglo-American financial system's moral bankruptcy is already a generally recognized fait accompli, except by those caught up in the credibility trap.

Today was a stock market option expiry. The next expiration on the Comex will be for the August contracts on July 28.

This next song goes out to Bubbles, from the Moondog.  If you do right, everything will come out right. aaaaaahwoooooo...

Things might look bad, but there is still room to dance if the music is good.  We'll save a table for you.

Have a pleasant weekend.