07 July 2014

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Gold and Silver Cap and Consolidate

Not much happened in the gold and silver markets, with both closing almost unchanged.

This was a very dull trade, with more nonsensical things being said in the media.

Dave from Denver reports that there were some gyrations in the JNUG junior miners ETF into the close:
"At 3:59 p.m. 60,000 shares of JNUG trade and drop the price from a high of $27.05 to a low of $26.43 - all within 60 seconds. Then at the close, 30,000 shares trade and cause JNUG to bounce back up to its close of $27.06.

4.6% of JNUG's total volume traded today in the last 120 seconds. Over the entire course of the trading day - 6.5 hours - JNUG averaged 4,974 share per minute. In the last two minutes it averaged 45,000 share per minute."
Have a pleasant evening.