19 August 2014

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Cap, Cap, Cap

If I were of a mind to discredit the precious metals, I would not continually suppress the price.

For one thing, this is not practical, since the lower the price goes the more strain it creates on supply by incenting those who are not buying the story about gold's irrelevance to buy even more of the metal. 

Rather, once I got the price down to a level with which I was comfortable for the management of perception purposes, I would inject all sorts of uncorrelated and meaningless volatility into the market, both up and down.

Nothing discredits an asset with the hallmark as a safe have than uncorrelated and almost incomprehensible volatility. Prices shoot up and down for no particular reason. Who wants to base their wealth in that sort of thing.

The paper metals are a charade. The day of reckoning comes a little close with each passing cycle of shenanigans. And the central bankers and their Banks and sycophants fear it.

They may act even more bold to hide their fears, which is their wont to do.  The bigger the lie, the more brazen the delivery.

But at the end of the day they will have to stand and deliver. What they will deliver is a pile of paper IOUs, lies, and a load of outrageous bollocks to be gobbled up by the bourgeoisie who will all be the powerless outsiders.  And no one will be held accountable.  It will be MF Global writ large.

Have a pleasant evening.