07 August 2014

NAV Premiums of Certain Precious Metal Trusts and Funds - 12,028 Gold Oz Redeemed From Sprott

Since the last time I posted the NAV Premiums around July 31, it appears that 12,028 ounces of gold bullion have been redeemed from the Sprott Physical Gold Trust, with a commensurate reduction in the number of units outstanding.

I probably should take another look at the overall movement of gold from the Western trusts and funds.  After all, gold is flowing from West to East in fairly steady and significant amounts.  I like and hold both gold and silver, but am heavily weighted to gold.  It seems to be at the locus of the evolution of money which is being resisted stubbornly, and heavy-handed bordering on clumsy, by the Anglo-American banking cartels.

Any commentator that does not address this fairly new and very important phenomenon in their analysis of the precious metals really does not understand the big picture, even if they think that they do.  In times of historic and evolutionary changes like this the learners will have an advantage over the learned.  

Especially if those 'learned ones' are really just purveyors of the jargon and biases of the status quo, without a deep grounding in history and human behaviour.   They are all incidental in their thinking, lacking the foundation of substance.  This is the very hallmark of the sophist.

The central banks of the world turned decidedly from net sellers to net buyers of gold.   Think about what this means, and more importantly, what it implies about the future course of wealth and its management.