15 August 2014

Tales of William Wallace: Alba Gu Bràth

Many years ago I visited Westminster Abbey, and among other things in a crowded gallery saw the Stane o Scuin sitting somewhat neglected and unremarked by a chair.

I asked about it, and did some reading, and learned its story.  It had been used in the crowning of the monarchs of Scotland.    It had been taken from the Scots in 1296 as a spoil of war, and a symbol that Scotland now belonged to England.  It was subsequently used during coronation ceremonies of the English monarchs, as a symbol of their rule over the British Empire.

Since that time it was  returned to its home in Edinburgh Castle. 

I afterwards visited Scotland several times, mostly around Edinburgh, seeing many things from the Royal Mile to Adam Smith's grave.  I made it only once to Glasgow on the western coast, and points south down to Turnberry. 

I found the country and the people to be wonderful.  There are few better breakfasts served in my opinion than a real Scottish breakfast.   And then there is the Scots whiskey museum.

I have always hoped to live one day so see the re-emergence of a free and independent Scotland.