22 August 2014

The Four Challeges In Reforming Economic Governance

“It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

Mark Twain

This is an interesting discussion by Jeff Sachs, about where we are and why we are there.

It is from Jeff Sachs talk at the Martin School at Oxford.  I join it in progress. 

I have come to believe that nothing will change until the financiers blow up the system for a third time.  And then the variables will start filling in, and falling into place.  

I am especially interested to see what the 'outliers' do in response to this, they being the large actors outside the domestic system, primarily the BRICS.   China and Russia in particular, but also the rest of South America and East Asia and the subcontinent.  Africa not so much as of yet.

But to some extent a bellwether will be Europe, which will have a key choice to make.  And of course the Anglo-American public, but the poor souls are being let down badly and led astray by their leaders.