05 September 2014

Moyers: Fighting Back Against the Wall Street Giants

One has to be concerned that America's first female president will be as great a disappointment and failure as America's first African-American president.

Unlike Obama or Hillary, I think Elizabeth Warren may be the real progressive deal. She has political street smarts and leadership skills that make her more than just a hectoring voice from the sidelines.

Yes, she has some concerning views on the foreign policy front that grate on liberals. And yes, when you listen to her, she is no doubt a politician, and remarkably partisan, excusing the sins of her own party and railing against those of the opposition.  And Moyers calls her on it, beautifully. 

But, unlike Obama before he became President (and some might say after), on the whole she has actually accomplished some things for Main Street, and against terrible opposition. And unlike Barry and the Clintons she did it without selling out to Wall Street money. 

Perhaps she has a miraculous cattle trade in her past that we do not know about. If there is anything shaky in her past, it will certainly be used against her in a politically motivated hit as was done on Eliot Spitzer when he crossed the vested interests.  Or just a big media smear campaign, like Ross Perot and Howard Dean.

I doubt that she can run successfully however. The moneyed interests will never vet her, and it is impossible to run for high office from either party without their approval. 

The 'bullet or the bribe' is a powerful disincentive for political change.  And if any progressive agent for change ever does run, and is elected, they will not be able to stand up for change alone, unless the people stir themselves and show some serious support for reform.  At least as much concern as they are willing to show for nude selfies of movie stars, and the latest twists and turns of staged reality shows.

I am hopeful, but not optimistic.  And this interview does not make me moreso.  There seems to be little that Washington cannot spoil with its taint.  This is the age of the narcissist and sociopath. I think the hardships will increase dramatically before adversity makes human beings of us once again.