19 September 2014

Ray Dalio: Hedging Against Fascism

"Bridgewater’s research over the past several years has focused on performance drivers, risk premiums and environments offering return opportunities.

Dalio has long been concerned with fundamental factors that could lead to the rise of a Hitler-like government, a concern that may sound sort of wacko but is supported by a number of various hedge fund managers and quantitative analysts, many of whom stay off the record. His investment products are designed to do well in more than just a rising stock market environment, which is correlated with his world view to various degrees.

A spokesperson for Bridgewater Associates declined to comment to ValueWalk."

Mark Melin, For First Time In 18 Years, Bridgewater Associates Launches New Strategy

I don't know if the above is a true representation of what Ray Dalio is thinking, or if it is just 'hyperbole for clicks.' I despise that sort of thing in general, and in instances like this it would be over the top.

I am not familiar with ValueWalk. And I am not impressed with observations about things that are based on no quotes and things that are strictly off the record.

But I thought I would pass it along, if any of you have the opportunity to ask Dalio about it, and let me know if this is true or not. This is making the rounds, I did not find it myself.

I respect Dalio and am curious about what he thinks. Otherwise I would not give this a second thought.

P.S. Actually the more I think about it, the more I will tend to give it little credibility unless I see an actual statement from Ray.

I know some hedge fund pampered princes are quick to see any return to regulation and a demand they pay taxes like most people as a 'fourth Reich' but I would be disappointed if Ray was one of them.