04 September 2014

Real News: Deep State, Big Lies, Organized Plunder, and the Power of the Moneyed Interests

A new set of interesting conversations with David Cay Johnston about his work as an investigative reporter and writer on the Real News.

This is what the one percent do not wish you to hear or understand. You will not hear this on any prime time news programs. Not even Public Broadcasting will touch this story.

This is how easily the system is manipulated, by design, for those who have the money, means, and the connections. I think Johnston explains it much better than most.

In the upcoming elections, and especially the Presidential elections of 2016, it is highly unlikely that either major party candidate will not be fully vetted and approved by the moneyed interests as a corporate brand, no matter what big time wrestling theatrics are staged to portray them as 'different' and get people worked up about it. This is not a choice; this is just sad.

Try to listen to what Johnston says without knee jerk reactions from the slogans that have been inserted by endless repetition into your thinking by corporate news outlets and think tanks. Try to hear the facts as they are.

The 'deep state' is at the heart of the partnership between private power and the government.

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