09 October 2014

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - China Is Back From Holiday

"I have come to realize that the vast majority of decent, wonderful people have no idea how they are being hoodwinked, day in and day out, by the scum of this world. We are lied to, misled, bamboozled, suckered, cheated, misrepresented, conned, manipulated and royally screwed!

They take us to the cleaners day in and day out in every way possible. We, the people, pay the price of their cheating, their folly, their lying and their sheer stupidity."

Pierre Rinfret

"How could I have done this? I was making a lot of money. I didn’t need the money. Am I a flawed character?”

Bernie Madoff

Silver was under pressure most of the day, while gold was able to gain a bit of ground after yesterday's rally.

China is back from holiday for its 'National Week.' The markets that count for gold bullion are open again.

Nothing of particular consequence happened on the Comex in the markets or their warehouses for precious metals yesterday.

The associated trades with silver such as miners and royalty plays continue to get hammered. That they gained so sharply yesterday seems to suggest that the much remarked short interest in some of those plays really is that significant.  I wonder if some of the 'smart money' isn't advantageously picking up some positions on the cheap ahead of some forthcoming event.

As you know there are some real divergences between gold and silver, both in paper and physical levels, that have some of us shaking our heads a bit. You know, the kind of people who actually notice things and ask about them.

There was intraday commentary from Robert Johnson in The US System Is Broken and Heading Towards Social Conflict

Some of the things that he says might appear to be shocking, but he is only saying what a lot of well informed and intelligent people are thinking.

But it is considered impolitic to actually say these things out loud, because the status quo thinks you are stirring things up, and speaking ill of insiders. And that makes them angry. It is the same type of anger that a friend who has had too much to drink might feel when you attempt to take their car keys and offer to call them a cab. They have been driving under the influence for years and never had a problem before.  Who are you to question their abilities?
"The dissenter is every human being at those moments of his life when he resigns momentarily from the herd and thinks for himself."

Archibald Macleish
And the elites in the US and the UK are driving inexorably forward under the mass delusion of their own will to power.  I am not stopping unless the others stop first.   And in their inability to stop, their groupthink keeps rationalizing and reinforcing the idea that they are not only right, but are acting nobly in taking the lead by obtaining an historically inordinate and unsustainable amount of money and power.  They clearly deserve it. People must be jealous of them, since they can do no wrong and are superior, if not to everyone then at least most of those fools and parasites.

Neo-liberalism brings out the worst in people, and fosters a culture that nurtures sociopathic tendencies that become self-reinforcing and self-justifying.   It is calls forth the kind of power that makes men into monsters.

After this latest financial crisis the Western Banks think they are holding unbeatable hands.  And the pathologically greedy never wish to surrender even one iota of money or power, even to save themselves.

The ever expanding Ponzi scheme of Western finance has its reckoning at the borders of Eurasia.  And so it is a time of historic change.

Have a pleasant evening.