10 October 2014

Harvey Organ's Gold and Silver Blog Has Been Completely 'Deleted by Court Order'

Several patrons have asked me if I know what has happened to Harvey Organ's precious metals blog.

I have been given to understand by an email that his site on Google blogger has been 'deleted by court order' and in accordance with Google's terms of service and content policy.
The specific terms of the court order or the originator have not been revealed to me.  It is not clear to me that Harvey himself knows this yet.
I had thought Harvey's Precious Metals blog was fairly benign, and Google has been easy to work with based on my own experience.  
Things like this generally involve either alleged copyright infringement or some sort of defamation.  Harvey was based in Canada, and I do not know if Canadian laws on this are different than US laws, or even which jurisdiction issued the court order. 
I do not care to speculate.   This is all that I know. If I find out more, which I hope will be the case, I will pass that along.
You may find some 'back issues' of Harvey's blog on the Internet Archive here.
Here's looking at you, kid.