13 October 2014

US Financial Television, a Crash Call, and Year-To-Date Stock Market Performance

Larry Kudlow was just ranting on Bubblevision that we should put tough economic sanctions on China to punish them for hacking our computer systems. The US certainly doesn't do anything like that.   And they cannot push back because they need to keep buying our debt, since they have no other choice.   Its remarkable.  Every time he opens his mouth.  He must have a lot of it stored up.

Speaking of shams, nonsense, and hypocrisy, here are the Year-To-Date stock market returns.

The Dow Industrials is for the tourists, the SP 500 for stock robots, the NDX for tech weenies, and the Russell 2000 tells the tale of the broad market.

Jim Rickards apparently made a 'crash call' yesterday, with quite a bit of timing wiggle room, fwiw.

I don't like to forecast financial crises, because the timing is often very difficult.  But I was able to forecast the tech crash and the housing crash, but not the exact timing.  And playing a rigged and robotized market is not easy, even when you have the trend right.