20 November 2014

Sarah Lacy and the Darker Side of Über Corporatism

This is a stunning video, with some serious implications. I urge you to watch it. It involves abusing corporate power to smear and intimidate critics.

It was a bit humorous to watch the talking heads discomfort with some of the implications and statements.  The West coast anchors tend to be more business focused and laid back than their New York based cousins who are more deeply into the Wall Street culture.

I am not familiar with Sarah Lacy's work as a journalist and editor, but as a debater she is on point and brilliant.

I am not completely unfamiliar with the attempted use of power to suppress people's views. Outside of professional circles it is petulant and childish, given to snarky emails, snide backstabbing, and cliquish exclusion. You know, the kinds of things one often finds within University departments, corporate bureaucracies, and the blogosphere. lol.

But too often where serious power and money is involved it is real, it is a threat, and it cannot be tolerated if there is to be any aspiration to a free and open society. And we are fools if we allow such power to grow and its abuse to be tolerated, for the misguided fears for our security, much less some short term easy money.