22 December 2014

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Tidings of Great Joy

Gold and silver took an obvious and clumsy hit during the New York Trading hours.

I added a little to standing positions towards the end of the day.  I am not overly concerned about the Banks' antics.  I am on a different timeframe than they seem to be.
For the short term, I am happy that I am allowed to spend another Christmas with Mary and my son Christopher. 
And even our little Shih Tzu dog, who is almost as shameless and greedy as a Wall Street banker, in pursuit of treats.
Nothing is more precious, there is no greater gift from God that I can even imagine.  
When you have nothing good to say about the foolishness and ravings of 'very important and powerful people', perhaps it is better to say nothing at all.   They too shall pass, and at best be nothing.  They are their own undoing.

Have a pleasant evening.