06 December 2014

Jeremy Scahill: Inside America's Secret Wars

"You're ceding your conscience to a political figure. That's what a lot of liberals have done. They've ceded their conscience to Obama because they trust him. What better person for the Empire to have sell this to liberals than a Constitutional law expert, Nobel Peace Prize-winning, first African-American President. I mean, it's incredible.

Somewhere Cheney is sitting at that ranch, or fly fishing somewhere and at the back of his head he has to be thinking, "Thank God that Obama is president," 'cause the next time a Republican comes in, and they want to do all these things, liberals aren't going to have much of a leg to stand on in saying "We're against this," because they're going to have to admit, 'Well, we're only in favor of it when our guy is in office,' and that's a pretty shameful way to dictate your conscience."

Jeremy Scahill