03 December 2014

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Forty Years in the Desert

"All we say to America, is 'be true to what you say on paper.'"

Martin Luther King, last speech, 3 April 1968

Stocks had a light upward bias today with the SP futures leading the way against some broader divergences.

There is a theme I struck over the last day or two, which I would like to emphasize again in high relief here.
Will there be a third time, yet another financial crisis that shakes the financial system? Powerful and reckless people often find the changes enabled by a crisis to be both rewarding and exhilarating, in the exercise of raw power and the stuffing of their own pockets.

So, if there is in fact a third economic crisis in the world, we might well expect to see the hand of the financial system reaching furtively and maliciously into the public's pockets, personal happiness and freedom once again.  And they will be supported by their politicians urging the public to give way to save themselves. And this may happen again in any part of the Western world.
We may finally gather ourselves together as a people, standing for the rule of equal justice, and say, 'enough!'  
Or we may all continue on in for forty more years, wandering in a desert of increasing repression, injustice, and deception, hoping that they will victimize all the other ones first.
Have a pleasant evening