03 January 2015

China Takes 57.6 Tonnes of Gold In the Week Ending December 26th.

China took out 57.655 tonnes of gold bullion through Shanghai for the week ending Dec 26th.

That makes it 2089 tonnes for the year so far.

There are a number of groups executing their 'game plans' here for what I call the currency war.

China's and Russia's very obviously involves gold in some way.
2015 will be a very interesting year, with a strong touch of the surreal.  

As you know I think in 2016, or perhaps a little earlier, there will be a significant amount of turmoil and a stretching of the social fabric, unless cooler heads prevail.  I really don't see that happening. 

The moral hazard is so thick you can cut it with a knife.  And nothing succeeds in destroying itself like arrogance.