02 February 2015

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - NonFarm Payrolls Friday

Gold was hit early on during quiet trade, and then regained most of its losses intraday.

A late hit in quiet after hours trade took it back down a bit.

Silver held up quite well.
There was not all that much of interest going on with the Comex other than blatant price shoving.  They must be trying to work down the February open interest. 
The Comex is becoming increasingly irrelevant to precious metals.
There will be a Non-Farm Payrolls Report on Friday.

When the going gets tough, the privileged lie, then cheat, then deny everything, and then finally panic and accuse everyone else of undermining them out of jealousy for their well deserved success and impeccable qualities.
I doubt they will learn from their folly on their own.  Most sociopaths and narcissists have a huge blind spot when it comes to realistic self-assessment.  And they flock to finance, politics, and positions of power, especially in a kleptocracy.  Which is what we have here in the States today.
Have a pleasant evening.


Even Children Who Are Homeless Have Dreams