02 March 2015

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - The Craven Failure of the 'Technocrats' at the Fed

"A poor man is ever at a disadvantage in matters of public concern. When he rises to speak, or writes a letter to his superiors, they ask: 'Who is this fellow that offers advice?'

And when it is known that he is without coin they spit their hands at him, and use his letters in the cooks' fires. But if it be a man of wealth who would speak, or write, or denounce, even though he have the brain of a yearling dromedary, or a spine as crooked and unseemly, the whole city listens to his words and declares them wise."

Li Hung Chang, as quoted by Upton Sinclair in The Brass Check
I see where Mr. Bernanke thinks that Presidents should be given extraordinary powers to declare 'financial emergencies' and 'not leave it all up to the Fed.'
And who is it that doesn't want to be audited, doesn't want anyone looking over their shoulder, wants to be free to exercise their independent judgement, and keeps raising their hands to be given more and more regulatory powers which they fail to exercise faithfully and objectively over their banking cronies.
And then when they blow up the economy with a financial bubble which they created, they want the nation to clean up their mess, presumably by having the President invoke special emergency powers so that their financial engineering prowess is not encumbered by the democratic rule of law as they continue to throw trillions of dollars at the aftermath of the collapse of financial bubbles for which they have been the chief architects.
Non-farm payrolls on Friday.
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