20 March 2015

NAV Premiums of Certain Precious Metal Trusts and Funds

Gold has hit my short term objective of the overhead resistance at 1185, albeit in three steps of up, down, up.

Sprott silver has taken its cash levels up to a much more healthy level with the sale of a bit more silver from its trust.

I think a lot of bearish sentiment was leaning into the FOMC day trade in both stocks and metals, and a number of other markets as well.    And with the expected deletion of 'patient' happening, but with the Fed whispering some rather dovish words, the markets were able to run to the upside and take the bears for a ride.

Market rigging does worth both ways in the short term. And it is easier when you get to see into the other fellow's hand.

And the shills and trolls provide the chorus.   Remember Jim Cramer's infamous video about how to manipulate the market 'legally'?

Longer term fundamentals manner. Short term only money and power matters. Intermediate is a mixed bag.
There is not a lot of doubt that the intermediate trend in the metals is and has been a policy thing, while providing a backdrop for the self-serving antics of the usual suspects.
It is all a part of the 'currency war.'