16 April 2015

Elizabeth Warren: The Unfinished Business of Financial Reform

If Elizabeth Warren were running for President, serious financial reform would be a key part of the national debate and her agenda.  The same can be said of Bernie Sanders.

Hillary may talk the talk but I am afraid that she, like the Republicans, are bought and paid for by the moneyed interests.   They are creatures of the system, caught in a credibility trap of deep capture by financial corruption.
Matt Taibbi:  Hillary's Fake Populism
We could be surprised. There is always that possibility.  We were certainly surprised by hope and change, in the wrong way. 

But I am not very optimistic.   The next President will most likely be from the same lineage of the last five as shown below.   They will most likely preside over the general trend in Western governments that, by distraction and deception, will continue to burn down the poor, the weak, the young, the aged, and eventually the middle class, to make room for the temple of Mammon.   And the love of many will grow cold.

The text of Senator Warren's speech may be downloaded in PDF form here.