30 April 2015

Post FOMC Metals Rig: Right On Schedule

This is what the pampered princes of privilege do when they fail.
They try to hide it.  They lash out.   They cheat.
They are petty.  But vicious when frightened.

Most of the successes they have obtained throughout their lives have been gained by cheating, using inside information, rigging the game, exercising influence, position, and privilege.

They twist the fabric of society to weave their robes.
They make and break the rules to suit themselves and their friends.
They make our markets into bucket shops.  Our laws are just pieces of paper.
They try to make other people pay for their mistakes.
As they have been doing all throughout their lives.

Success.   They deserve it, one banal and disreputable way or another.

For the good of the system.