29 April 2015

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Frauds R Us

The GDP number came in fairly awful today, and was more likely outright negative, which may be shown in some future revision.

The Fed, not wishing to panic the herd or cause any uncomfortable questions about both their integrity and their competency to be raised, dismissed the slumping economy, attributing it to 'transitory' phenomena.

All as had been expected. 

They are no longer making policy for the real economy.  They are making it for themselves, and the Banks.

There will be no sustainable recovery until there is substantial and meaningful reform.

And the credibility trap of lies and canards that the professionals have woven will keep them from even discussing the problem frankly and honestly.

And so until then, the policy of plunder will continue, economic inequality will widen, and the gap between the facts and the perceptions will widen, even until it is a chasm.

They gather all knowledge, both good and evil, to themselves, and they would be as gods.

Have a pleasant evening.