21 May 2015

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Pressure and Resistance - Love Is Moving

“We are slow to master the great truth that even now Christ is, as it were, walking among us, and by His hand, or eye, or voice, bidding us to follow Him. We do not understand that His call is a thing that takes place now. We think it took place in the Apostles' days, but we do not believe in it; we do not look for it in our own case."

John Henry Newman

Nothing of interest was happening in the backrooms of The Bucket Shop yesterday, with no precious metal 'deliveries' and little warehouse activity.
There was intraday commentary here.
Look, and see.  For the justice of God is not mocked.  A man, a people, reap what they sow.
In looking we have hope, always.  Even in our darkest hours, love is moving quietly among us.
But why doesn't He do something? 
He does.  He has called you and calls you now:  to do, to witness, to care for others, and to love.   He calls you to be better than you think that you can be.  He calls you to lift yourself up, and to go and sin no more.
Have a pleasant evening.