11 May 2015

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - United States of Amnesia

“We are the United States of Amnesia, we learn nothing because we remember nothing.”

Gore Vidal

Stocks backed off their exuberant rally high from last Friday after that 'goldilocks' job number.

The 'global bond rout' has investors nervous, and well they might be. 

We are led by narcissists and sociopaths, in a most unwholesome partnership between the public and private sector. 
And the most feral, counterproductive response of self-proclaimed 'reformers' is to eliminate government, to nullify it, so that in their very deluded and romantic imaginations the monied interests can refrain from acting as lawbreakers, since at their core these most selfish and cunning of predators and sociopaths are really yearning to be, think, and act like angels.
And what will we do, having deregulated our markets, freed them from restraint, and eliminated the laws so that none may be lawbreakers.  What will we do when the very heart of darkness has a freer reign to blow the winds of plunder and power over the lands, with nothing to provide us a foothold or an anchor, the laws which are the pillars of justice having been all overturned? 

Have a pleasant evening.