02 June 2015

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - JPM Saves the Golden Day on the Comex


We are certainly in an 'active' month now for gold.

As is shown in the delivery report below, 251,000 ounces of gold have been 'claimed' or stopped month-to-date.

Good new though on the supply front.  someone changed the status of 177, 409 ounces of gold to registered, or 'for delivery' in the JPM warehouse, bringing the total available 547,860.  
And it was JPM that put up 246,800 ounces of gold contract up to be stopped in that delivery report out of its house account. 
There was intraday commentary on the gold being redeemed out of the Sprott Physical Gold Trust here.   I find the situation to be a bit puzzling, but interesting.  Yes there are 'explanations' but none good enough to quiet my curiosity as of yet.

And there was some very sad news about more dying Wall Street analysts and bankers, people with bright minds and good character, who are being destroyed by the culture of greed and anti-human management on Wall Street as discussed here.
This is a sickness that infects our society in many of our key institutions.  There is nothing 'cool' about it.   These people who run these institutions are beasts, attempting to escape the pain of being beasts by losing themselves in the acquisition of things, people and power, and then abusing them. 
Have a pleasant evening.